About Us

One stop destination for all your Executive Recruitment Solutions

CONNECTIONS is an executive search firm to help the companies seeking out highly qualified executives like Managers, COO’s, CEO’s and Presidents. Our primary focus has always been to recruit the immensely qualified and experienced professionals who would suit the specific needs and requirements of our clients.

Eyeing out the best executives in the industry for our premium clients is our peerless strength. It is our comprehensive recruitment process that helps us select eminently qualified candidates for timely and cost effective executive recruitment solutions.

Your search for capable, qualified, knowledgeable and experienced executive professionals is taken care of by our recruitment specialists and consultants within no time.


Our coherent process is the backbone of our company making us the leading firm for hiring high level executives in the industry. 3 core steps of our process are:-

1) Client’s Requirement & Talent Mapping

  • Our headhunters understand the exact roles and responsibilities the client is looking for in a candidate
  • Headhunters then communicate the same to our consultants and rest of the team
  • After this, the entire recruitment team comes up with a search strategy depending upon the JOB DESCRIPTION provided by the client

2) Candidate Screening

  • Screening of the qualified and capable candidates is done by the headhunters
  • After a thorough assessment, headhunters choose 4-7 candidates who adhere to the client’s specifications and requirements
  • A handful of clients also ask the selected candidates to undergo an online assessment before conducting an in-depth interview with them

3) Client Interview

  • Candidates who get through the initial screening are submitted to the client for an exhaustive interview
  • Headhunter schedules these interviews and client then selects the perfect fit for the role

4) Job Offer

  • After selecting the right candidate, client presents the job offer to be accepted by the candidate
  • Headhunter helps in the process, if needed
  • Headhunter does background check and the reference check before the candidate assumes the employment

We, at CONNECTIONS, make sure that utmost assistance is proffered to the client as well as all the candidates for the smooth process. From commencement till the candidates start his/her new job, we take care of all the processes in a professional methodology.